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1-on-1 Sessions 

1-on-1 sessions are beneficial for anyone who has a specific need. Each session is designed to provide individualized cueing, specific postures and breathing practices to address the practitioners request.
This is a private setting, the practitioner can reach out with their request via email, 

Injury recovery

Maintaining your practice after recovering from an injury


Establish a regular schedule with personalized sessions

Addressing imbalances, or compensatory patterns and exploring how to establish a practice that works to correct suboptimal movement patterns. 

Pain management through a supportive movement, restorative practice.


Family, partners who would like to improve their health and wellbeing. 

Trauma Informed Yoga in a personalized setting


Support for other athletic activities with recovery and specialized sessions 

Improving a specific skill in your own practice

Advance your existing practice

Focused attention to guide your movement practice

Group Classes

Embodied Yoga is here to help you take your yoga practice to the next level with innovative online classes that help create a perfect routine for your personal needs. Our classes offer the convenience of practicing from your own home and are available throughout the week helping you to take the time for yourself. 



Each class is opportunity to deepen your connection to yourself. We explore the anatomy and alignment of your body, allowing you to nurture and improve your practice with an understanding of why and how each pose works. With an ever-changing range of classes exploring the many facets of body, breath, and mind, Embodied Yoga is an ideal choice for anyone wanting to expand their journey with yoga.

Embodied Yoga offers convenient and affordable online yoga classes.

 Our group classes provide a fun and social way to connect with your community while also establishing your own personal yoga practice.



At Embodied Yoga, we create a space where you can gain a better understanding of your body and discover the tools to practice mindful self-care. A physical practice is often the first steps towards finding a means to engage with yourself in deep introspection. Join us to start your journey of self-exploration and relaxation through cultivating a conscious regular practice.

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