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1-on-1 Sessions 

1-on-1 sessions are beneficial for anyone who has a specific need. Each session is designed to provide individualized cueing, specific postures and breathing practices to address the practitioners request.
This is a private setting, the practitioner can reach out with their request via email, 

Injury recovery

Maintaining your practice after recovering from an injury


Establish a regular schedule with personalized sessions

Addressing imbalances, or compensatory patterns and exploring how to establish a practice that works to correct suboptimal movement patterns. 

Pain management through a supportive movement, restorative practice.


Family, partners who would like to improve their health and wellbeing. 

Trauma Informed Yoga in a personalized setting


Support for other athletic activities with recovery and specialized sessions 

Improving a specific skill in your own practice

Advance your existing practice

Focused attention to guide your movement practice

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