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Low Back Pain relief

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This is a complete program which guides you step by step to a deeper understanding of what you can do to relieve lower back pain. Although more than 60% of the Indian population suffers from lower back pain, not more than 10% know the reason for this pain, nor understand how to rectify it before it becomes a much larger problem. In this program I have demonstrated methods for you to self-assess your posture, described why posture is important when dealing with lower back pain and introduced specific movement classes to help relieve the pain. The series also has 2 bonus myofascial release classes that add to your recovery and understanding of how pain is a symptom of something that is more complex than just the way you stand or sit. This program includes 6 live in-person classes in which we will discuss your individual progress and practice for 60 minutes.

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8 Week Lower back Pain Program

8 Week Lower back Pain Program

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