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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where are the classes being held?

These classes are held live online.

2. How do I choose which Class is best suited for me?

The best way to choose what is the level that is suited for you is to drop in to the class of your choosing. If that isn't available to you, here's how the classes are structured:

  • Beginner- Slower Pace, emphasis is on stretching and mobilizing.  Suited for people struggling with back/hip/foot/neck pain (or any other physical pain). Great way to begin your movement journey.

  • Intermediate- Medium paced, with more repetitions of movement, emphasis is on establishing a safe, sustainable self practice. Suited for those who either want to add Yoga to their existing fitness/movement regimes, or want to regularize and improve their Yoga Practice. 

  • Advanced- Medium/Fast paced, with more complexity in movement patterns, and intensity in pace, emphasis is on improving lung capacity, range of motion in movement and strength. Suited for those who want to deepen their practice.

3. Can I access your online classes at any time?

No, these aren't pre recorded classes and will only be available live.

4. Can I practice if I am injured ?

Get a professional diagnosis if you already haven't. Write to me at and we can determine whether the practice is accessible to you. 

5. Can timings be personalized?

Yes! In a personal setting you can pick a time that works for you on the calendar or write to me at . In a group setting the timings for classes are fixed. Find the full schedule here.

6. Will I have access to a trial class before committing to a program?

The website has a rich gallery of classes, check out the video gallery and try a class out today! Videos can be found on the homepage, scroll through toward the end. New classes are uploaded monthly. 

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