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8-Week Lower Back
Pain Relief Program

This Program provides a physical therapy based yoga practice to help you achieve a pain free life. The program focuses on posture, alignment, breathing mechanics and soft tissue release to help you reduce and manage lower back pain. Through regular practice, you'll gain greater flexibility and strength, as well as improved alignment and range of motion. This program is designed to help you stay pain free for life.


Accessible to all individuals

This is a physical therapy-based yoga program, that focuses on improving the mind-body connection. 

3 Months Access to 


The recorded content is available to you for 3 whole months, giving you ample time to delve deep into the practice. 

Flexible practice 

Practice anywhere with the recordings available to you on your phone, tablet or laptop. You never have to miss a practice. 


A Results-Driven Program 

This is an accessible yoga program that meets the needs of all individuals.

These classes are designed to be short and effective, giving you the opportunity to practice yoga from the comfort of your own home. The goal is to help you develop better body awareness, build strength, and provide you with the tools to get relief from chronic pain. 


A plan you can stick to 

The three segments-Self-Assessment, Movement Classes and Myofascial release are a laid out in this way to guide your  progress incrementally and mindfully. 


Accountability at every step 

Every 2nd weekend of the program, a live class is held. In the live class we will discuss the progress in your practice. These live sessions are where I can watch your practice, we can discuss parts of the program, pain points, any other developments from the week's practice.  These live sessions are also for us to practice together. 


My name is Aishwarya

I am a Yoga Instructor/Therapist. My main areas of interest are trauma informed yoga, pain management, breathing and meditation. I have taught diverse populations for 7+ years.
In my spare time you will find me deep in the study of anatomy, or text that gives me the ability to teach through varied lenses.

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