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About Embodied Yoga

Discover a refreshing movement practice

Embodied Yoga is an online Yoga studio aimed at educating people about their bodies through movement. By bridging the gap between Science and Yoga, EY brings to the practitioner a practice steeped in tradition, backed by evidence. The knowledge of why and how a practice works is a keystone of the studio. This is an important part of disseminating the methods necessary for discovering the wisdom of our bodies. EY believes that a practice is meant to be personalized to one's need; this is one way of feeling autonomous of our bodies and our choices. Empowering the practitioner to explore ways to create their own routines which could reflect their individuality, experiences and preferences is a goal of EY.

About Me.

Hi! I am Aishwarya, a yoga instructor, and the person who facilitates classes on Embodied Yoga. I retired my full time job as an Architect to take on my passion of teaching Yoga. I have trained under different teachers and taught for more than 6+ years. My journey with Yoga began when I was just 17 years old. 'Light on Yoga' was the first book I picked up to try and understand the teachings and the physical practice. I was instantly taken by the method of practice, the depth of this way of Life and of course the expansive applications of the practice in All Life. Suddenly, I had discovered that there is a way to find peace within myself. I began practicing using the only resources I had, books and videos. As a young student and someone who had all these existential questions floating around in my mind and body, I found the principles of a Yogic life instantly attractive. But, I had other obligations, to be a daughter and an 'Architect'. I spent all my free time studying about the body, from books, peers and any free resources I could get my hands on. With the help of my parents, I signed up for my first ever teacher training in Bangalore at a1000yoga. IT WAS INCREDIBLE!

I continued to work in the field as a building professional, while teaching part-time. Life kept changing, but I found my center in my practice. My curiosity and passion for learning from different teachers about Yoga, Philosophy, Anatomy, Consciousness, Behavior, the Nervous System, LIFE... hasn't stopped. I continue to be the student. 

Yoga has given me a direction, I am now in a place in life where I'm excited to continue sharing my learnings and experiences with whomever would like to listen! :) 

Teaching Methodology and Practices were taught from traditional Hata Yoga Schools like:

Satyananda yoga (Bihar school)

Ashtanga Yoga (Vinyasa)

and also modern schools like Iyengar. 

Asana, Pranayama and Mudra practices were the focus at this school. Different types of relaxation methods, dharna practices, advanced posture breakdowns and pranayama were taught meticulously. 

LYT Yoga™ is an energizing core-based vinyasa method created by physical therapist Lara Heimann, who implemented her own background in neurodevelopmental rehabilitation to rewire the brain and reestablish more optimal movement patterns in the yoga practice and for life.The specific blueprint of the LYT Method™ reestablishes postural imbalances and sets you up to move in a variety of ways. 

TCTSY is an empirically validated, clinical intervention for complex trauma or chronic, treatment-resistant post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).


a1000yoga, Bangalore

200 hr Hatha Yoga YTT


Yogadarshanam, Mysore

300 hr Hata and Ashtanga Yoga YTT


LYT Yoga™

Level 1- 200 hr YTT

Level 2 (Currently Pursuing)

             - 300 hr YTT


Trauma Sensitive Yoga

20 hr Module

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