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Movement that supports your unique body. Explore a Yoga practice that honors the roots of its origins, and applies the teachings to modern times.  

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Empower yourself  with a practice that facilitates a deeper understanding of your anatomy.

Maternity Meditation Class



Every practice is rooted in how the breath aligns with the movement. Tune in and allow the breath to guide you!

The Embodied Yoga platform is a place to explore an integrated approach to healing. 


Yoga, Biomechanics, Breathing techniques, Somatics, Physiology and a deep curiosity in the ways that the body moves, breathes, lives, and adapts. These are some of the core areas of inquiry on this platform. 

As you proceed, take time to read through the blog posts describing the many ways a regular movement practice will benefit you immensely, or, take a class from the range on offer in the video gallery. 

Many folks have benefitted from a 1:1 approach, contact us via the form below to find out how you can start practicing TODAY!


"I love Aishwarya's classes - they are a much appreciated part of my week - I always leave with a sense of more space and ease in myself! She structures them in a way that seemingly small movements at the start of the class, create more space in my body for the yoga later in the class, and she always seems to intuitively create classes that are always exactly what I need that day - be it pelvic floor work, or releasing my diaphragm. I feel her approach has a similar effect to having fascial release or structural integration work, and also reminds me of Feldenkrais."

 Gwen Rahardja,UK


Movement Classes

Anytime, Anywhere

Body Balancing

Body Balancing Classes are the perfect way to prepare your body for childbirth and support your postpartum recovery. With the BRM® Method, we provide comprehensive tools to help minimize pelvic floor dysfunctions, abdominal separation, and diastasis recti. Join us and experience the transformative benefits of a healthy, balanced body during and after pregnancy.

Duration: 1 hour

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Stream a Class

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Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, LYT Method, Trauma Informed Yoga, BRM Pro

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Yelahanka New Town, Bengaluru


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