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Namaskaram | Vanakkam | Namaste

 It is through curiosity that the extents of the body's capabilities are discovered, our experience is that through a sustained practice the awareness and appreciation for one's own being and all beings is magnified.


 Online Yoga Classes in Bangalore


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Embodied Yoga hosts 60-75 minutes live online classes everyday, from Mon-Fri. There are a range of timings spread through the day. Find a day and time that works for you on the calendar. Click the arrow below to know more.

If movement is already in your routine and you're looking to optimize it, or find ease in your day-to day activities, Embodied Yoga offers 60-minute online classes every day to guide you towards improved movement. Click the arrow below to scroll through and read more about the classes offered each week.

At Embodied Yoga, we strive to provide practical information to assist you on your journey towards exploring your potential. Our goal is to empower you to take charge of your health, no matter where you're located. We believe that holistic health is a combination of  balancing your hormones, improving your sleep, increasing focus and concentration, reducing stress levels, all of which could extend itself to a more balanced life.  
Embodied Yoga has an ever growing database of short video content, and evidence based articles with accessible practices, to guide you on your journey of healing. Click the arrow below to scroll down to the video gallery.


"I love Aishwarya's classes - they are a much appreciated part of my week - I always leave with a sense of more space and ease in myself! She structures them in a way that seemingly small movements at the start of the class, create more space in my body for the yoga later in the class, and she always seems to intuitively create classes that are always exactly what I need that day - be it pelvic floor work, or releasing my diaphragm. I feel her approach has a similar effect to having fascial release or structural integration work, and also reminds me of Feldenkrais."

 Gwen Rahardja,UK

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